What are realistic expenses?

What could be the Cost of a Homepage?

There are no upper limits to the cost. My cost-structure is quite simple.
A first draft will not cost you anything.
Only if you approve of my first draft and you would like to continue,
this draft will cost you 150.00.
If you do not want any further changes - that's it!

Each additional working hour will cost you 50,00.
I shall tell you upfront how much time a change or addition will take.

Should you request a personal meeting I will come to meet you.
You pay my travel expenses and hours start only ticking once I am with you.

Discussions by phone are free of charge, if you call me.

Do you want to learn how to build your own internet pages or to service
and update your homepage? Gladly I will train and show you how to build
pages for all purposes with your standard MS-Office software.

Still too much for your budget?

Than just click here!

Now, I am looking forward to hearing from you!